Delivery Time: 2-15 Working Days

 This is Slow iCloud Removal Service. It works for most of the Countries & Networks Worldwide. Success rate is 60-99%

Success ratio is low for devices from USA, Canada, China, Korea, Japan and Sold by Apple
Success Ratio is very high for UK, Europe, Gulf, South Africa & Australia Devices

- Service Time is 2-10 Business Days but Can take longer. There is no way to Cancel any in process order so please order if you have plenty of time

Must Provide Images from 3uTools 

- There are strictly NO REFUNDS offered for this service.  

- Once iCloud is removed, it is removed forever.  This is why no verification is allowed. 

- We check all IMEI's through the official Find My iPhone On / Off Check prior to replying the orders.  Therefore, if a new iCloud is activated you will NOT be given a refund. 

- No refund for incorrect IMEI or wrong model. 

- Only clean iCloud supported.  Lost not supported. Use FMI check service to find out if iCloud status is clean or not.

Do not order if you do not agree with the terms of this service